[Guangzhou Dehong] The existence of Shoushan Stone is a masterpiece of nature. Nature has unfortunately endowed Shoushan Stone with elegance and beauty. Tian Huangshi is a gem in the Shoushan stone system and is known as the "King of the Stones". Its color is warm and lovely, and its texture is fine. It has been highly loved by collectors for hundreds of years and has high value for preservation and appreciation.




Recently, Dehong Company has the honor to collect Mr. Rao's four-piece study Tian Huangshi ornaments. Each piece is 11.8cm high, 2.14cm thick and 5.75cm wide, with a total weight of 1576g. The carving is exquisite, full and round, and the texture is transparent and smooth. Lubricated, very ornamental. This set of materials is made of high quality Tian Huangshi. The knife is exquisite and simple, the layout is exquisite, the theme is outstanding, the characters are vivid, the words are free and easy, the artistic concept is profound, the connotation is rich, and the painting is exquisite, forming its own unique artistic style of elegance and common taste. The texture of the collection is delicate and condensed, the color is bright and bright, the texture is fine and warm, and it is a rare investment in the collection. It is the superior product in the study wenwan decoration, with high collection value and appreciation space!




Although the shape of the four-piece study Tian Huangshi ornaments is the same, the patterns and characters are unique and combined with each other to have more cultural connotations. On each piece of the painting, each with the theme of “fishing”, “樵”, “cultivation” and “reading”, the four characters of fisherman, coward, farmer and scholar are engraved, and the same subject text is engraved. Charm. The author engraves the "fishing and ploughing" Tianhuang ornaments, which combines the high-spirited sentiment and concealed feelings of the scholars with the natural and variegated landscapes of the landscape, and forms the artistic beauty of the unity of nature and man. The whole collection is integrated with engraving, calligraphy, engraving and painting. The material is superior, the layout is elegant, the carving is fine, and it contains poetry. It is an artistic treasure in the traditional culture of Shoushan Stone, which highlights the special aesthetic charm. The best of the best, it is worth collecting!




Tian Huangshi, referred to as “Tianhuang”, and other stone materials from Shoushan, collectively referred to as “Shoushan Stone”, Tian Huangshi is one of the best varieties in Shoushan Stone. From ancient times to the present, Tian Huangshi enjoys the supremacy and is known as the "king of the stone". The royal family of the Qing Dynasty regarded Tian Huangshi as an arch, and loved it. It was the chapter of the imprint. During the period of the Republic of China, there was the saying that "Easy to triple gold" was a symbol of wealth and status. To this day, the economic value of Tian Huangshi has become more and more obvious. There is a saying that “the chaotic gold, Sheng Shi Tian Huang”, people will not hesitate to buy gold, to invest, preserve and increase value, and the market is increasingly bullish.






英国365bet提现要多久Tian Huangshi has a long history of development and utilization, and has formed a unique cultural form or cultural phenomenon, which has become a part of the splendid cultural and artistic heritage of the Chinese nation. The reason why Tian Huangshi has been the "old favorite" of collectors who have been favored by literati for centuries, is that because Tian Huang itself contains the cultural connotation of elegance and taste, it is also because Tianhuang stone is scarce. Due to years of mining, Tianhuang stone has been exhausted and the price of stone has soared. The reason why Tian Huangshi is so valuable is not only its economic value and added value, but also its scarcity and non-renewability. As the saying goes: "Gold is easy to get, Tian Huang is hard to find", it can be seen that Tian Huangshi's collection market will be better and better, the value will certainly rise to a new height, and the market prospect is improving. If you are interested in collecting Mr. Rao's four-piece study, Tian Huangshi ornaments, please call Dehong Company for more details.